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11 June 2013 @ 05:13 pm
I check in every once in a while. Granted, not often enough,as tumblr now consumes most of my internet time. However it's my occasional check-ins that have led to this post.

I wanted to mention that a while back I let my subscription expire. I'm just not active enough here anymore to be paying for 150 userpics and everything else that comes with paid subscription. Having said that, apparently I now get absolutely inundated by spam to the point it's basically assault. I was getting about 20 notification emails a day of "new comments."

As a result I disabled getting notifications - I still get them in my Inbox, but it's gotten so swamped (18 pages) I just ran through and mass deleted everything. The point of all this is, if you've left any comments on any of my posts for vids/fic/whatever in the last few months, and I didn't respond, it's very likely I just didn't see it and it got lost in among the army of spam filling my inbox. I want to stress I greatly appreciate any and all comments and I mourn the fact I haven't been able to keep up with them, and I deeply apologize for not responding. Just know that it's really appreciated. ♥

In other news, for those who don't know, you can always find me fairly active on Tumblr. Mainly occupied with fan art these days, which you can find on my DeviantArt as well as Tumblr. I must say that, after a year and a half-ish accidental hiatus from viddding, I've been rather bitten with a bug to vid Star Trek (TOS or the reboot movies). Now I've been scouring madly for a song to suit my mood/inspire me, and have yet to find anything at all - leaving me feeling bereft and annoyed and pulling out my hair.

Ahh, just like the good ol' days! xD I think part of the desperation is I want to grab onto this oh-so-rare-now motivation to vid at all before it vanishes on me again. :( But if anything comes of it at all, I'll try to remember to post it here lol.

Anyway just wanted to explain the spam thing, say hi, and let everyone know I'm not dead. :)
30 November 2012 @ 12:23 pm
[1] Original

[1] Doctor Who
- western Eleven (A Town Called Mercy)

[2] Star Wars: The Old Republic
- x1 Smuggler
- x1Sith Warrior

[7] Mass Effect
- x3 Shepard/Tali
- x4 Shepard (x1 FemShep)

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Current Music: Mass Effect 2 OST
[1] Doctor Who
- x1 Eleven/River

[5] Mass Effect
- x1 FemShep & Legion
- x1 Quarians
- x1 Reaper
- x1 m!Shepard
- x1 m!Shep/Tali

[10] Star Wars: The Old Republic
- x1 Spaceship
- x2 Bounty Hunter
- x2 Smuggler
- x2 Sith Warrior
- x3 Imperial Agent

[1] Amazing Spider-Man (film)
- x1 Spider-Man

[1] TRON: Legacy
- x1 Sam Flynn

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02 July 2012 @ 09:07 pm
[2] Mass Effect
- x2 Commander Shepard + Normandy
(both m!Shep and fem!Shep)

- x4 Bounty Hunter
- x1 Imperial Agent

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Current Music: Mass Effect 3 OST
[7] Mass Effect
- x2 Commander Shepard (Sheploo)
- x1 FemShep/Garrus
- x1 Garrus
- x1 Javik
- x1 Saren
- x1 Wrex

[2] Doctor Who
- x2 Eleven/River

[1] Sherlock
- x1 Sherlock Holmes

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30 March 2012 @ 05:58 pm
[6] Mass Effect
- x2 Commander Shepard (Sheploo)
- x1 Harbinger
- x1 FemShep/Thane
- x1 Sheploo/Tali

[2] Sherlock
- x2 Sherlock Holmes

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05 March 2012 @ 12:28 am
Title: I Don't Know
Music: Wax Tailor
Characters: Ensemble
Spoilers!: ALL
Format: zip; wmv & streamed (linked & embedded)
Size: 41 MB
Host: many huge special thanks to leviathan101 for hosting on Neural Cluster
Disclaimer: Sherlock belongs to the BBC
Description: I... I honestly have no idea how to describe this one, guys!
Notes: Umm okay so I've known this song for years, but never considered vidding it because I discovered it through a vid, so it was always associated to that fandom for me. However, this kind of smacked me over the head (as muses sometimes love to do) and I decided I had to give it a shot. I went into it hesitantly, as it's very different from the norm. If it didn't work out I'd just ditch it. But the more I laid into the timeline, the more I was having fun and I seriously had SO MUCH FUN making this.

It's kind of silly, but with some darker undertones? Maybe it seems like it's nonsensical, but actually I spent a lot of time picking the clips and weaving in plotlines. We'll see if it actually makes any sense. O_o

Hope you guys enjoy it! :)

Download | YouTube

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03 March 2012 @ 08:16 pm

Seriously? I don't even know how to respond to that. Or if I should. There are thousands of Doctor Who vids on YouTube and they decide to ask this on MINE? Do they not even realize how YouTube works? This is just... weird. I don't... LOL I just stare at that blankly with no idea what to even say to that.

(This was asked on my What I Like About You vid btw.)

YouTube is just weird. I've had a number of odd comments lately. Someone asked on my Eleven is Cool what Doctor Who is about, is it like Bill Nigh the Science Guy or something? And on my Sherlock Mind Palace one, someone said "Isn't this a scene from "Heavy Rain"?" I didn't reply to either of those. I don't even know what the heck Heavy Rain is. And honestly who posts that on a music vid? Was that supposed to be a joke and it totally went over my head? IDEK.

YouTube, wat. Stop it.
28 February 2012 @ 06:45 pm
Title: Get Your Coat (Again)
Music: Sing, Sing, Sing - Swing Kids OST
Characters: Sherlock's coat
Spoilers!: ALL
Format: zip; wmv & streamed (linked & embedded)
Size: 77 MB
Host: many huge special thanks to leviathan101 for hosting on Neural Cluster
Disclaimer: Sherlock belongs to the BBC
Description: It's still all about the Coat (well, and the cheekbones). ♥
Notes: Time for more Coat love! ♥ Actually, this song was the one I wanted to use for the first Get Your Coat vid way back when, but I was unable to obtain it at the time. I finally managed to find it. Had to cut it way down, but that's okay, it works better this way. :)

I'll admit I'm nervous about this, as the first one did so well, I'm a bit worried this won't live up to it. But I had fears of epic fail and mass boredom in the first one and it did really well, so I'm banking on faith here. xD Also to my disappointment, making this made me realize Sherlock really doesn't wear his coat as often in Season 2. I tried to use as much new footage as possible, while keeping the best of Season 1 (also threw in some unaired Pilot clips in there this time).

Remember: KEEP YOUR EYES FIXED ON SHERLOCK THE COAT. And also keep in mind this is not meant to be taken seriously by any means. Have fun with it! Hope you enjoy! :)

original Get Your Coat (you don't have to watch it, obviously, but if you want to know where THIS one came from, and want more coat fun :D)

Download | YouTube

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26 February 2012 @ 03:04 pm
[4] Doctor Who
- x1 Eleven
- x3 Eleven/River (x2 Blue River)

[9] Sherlock (SPOILERS for ALL Season 2)
- x5 Sherlock
- x2 Sherlock/Molly
- x1 Sherlock & John
- x1 Sherlock/Irene

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